National Asset Manager

Reference Number: ittar0
Location: Rancho Dominguez, California, US

The National Asset Manager reports directly to the Senior Director of Maintenance. The Equipment Specialist serves as the main point of contact for warehouse operations to address all material handling equipment needs. This position requires a strong background in material handling equipment, repairs and service, has experience in supporting warehouse operations, and a proven track record of managing vendors.


Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain the asset list of material handling equipment (forklifts, electric pallet jacks, reach trucks, etc…) and validate equipment counts on a weekly basis to ensure P&L accuracy
  • Manage equipment changes and updates AS400 system/stakeholders when equipment is acquired, transferred, and sold
  • Works on acquisitions and seasonal needs (orders rentals)
  • Responsible for getting system updated when cost center transfers are made
  • Responsible for identifying and tracking equipment to be sold / retired
  • Serves as the main point of contact for all material handling vendors and is responsible for maintaining the relationship, addressing invoice issues, requesting credits, billing changes, rate negotiations, ensuring timely/correct invoicing, and following up on the completion of service requests
  • Compiles the daily Out-of-Service report for material handling equipment and manages vendors to ensure equipment is repaired in a timely manner
  • Oversees battery maintenance / watering for electric power equipment
  • Responsible for tracking and managing material handling equipment preventative maintenance (PM) schedules and DOORS reporting; ensures PM’s are completed in a timely manner for owned, leased, and rental equipment
  • Completes a minimum of three weekly facility visits to validate inventory, check the condition of equipment, and meet with vendors as needed to maintain the highest level of service and minimize downtime
  • Approves rental and service invoices


Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 1-3 years of experience, ideally 3PL, warehousing, distribution or supply chain related.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Proficiency with Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Bilingual preferred


General Purpose


The Asset Specialist will act as the gatekeeper of all West Coast Equipment. Equipment is defined as any owned, leased, or rented chassis, extender, dolly, forklift, personnel vehicle, power jack, tractor, trailer, truck, or yard goat.


The responsibility for this position include, but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining the Master Asset List and Master MHE List
    1. Responsible for validating counts and cost centers weekly
  2. Managing equipment changes and updating appropriate parties when equipment is acquired, transferred, and decommissioned
    1. Works in conjunction with Procurement for acquisitions and seasonal needs
    2. Responsible for getting system updated when cost center transfers are made
    3. Responsible for identifying and tracking equipment to be sold / retired
  3. Support Operations in maintaining necessary equipment counts and trailer locations
    1. Reviews the Daily Out of Service report and works in conjunction with The Shop to ensure equipment is being repaired in a timely manner. Additionally responsible for updating defect status in Rand McNally once repair is complete.
    2. Manages MHE preventative maintenance schedule and DOORS reporting
    3. Sends daily report of dwelling trailers, empties, and any other operational needs
  4. Completing Skybitz installation, website implementation, and superuser
    1. Responsible for tracking and updating in Skybitz what serial number is associated to each trailer and updating Jason Tune when changes have been made.
    2. Vendor Management –
      1. Responsible for identifying trailers that need installation and putting out-of-service in AS400. Then responsible for sending daily list to vendors of available trailers for installation. Then responsible for putting trailers back in service once installation is complete.
      2. Ensuring vendors use the mobile application
    3. Daily Audit to Identify:
      1. Trailers that need Skybitz
      2. Trailers that need CARB (2005 and newer)
  • Trailers that have Skybitz installed, but are missing trailer number in system
  1. Trailers that need Skybitz magnet swiped (not pinging, but unit installed)
  2. Trailers that have a low Skybitz battery
  1. Rand McNally superuser



Tools Required for Success:

  • AS400 login, access to update OOS status
  • Access to Share Drive – Equipment
  • Skybitz login – mirror to Louie
  • iTrack login – mirror to Louie
  • Rand McNally login – mirror to Louie




Experienced Professional (Non-Manager)