Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Reference Number: Ptydrm
Location: Vineland, New Jersey, US

Primary Responsibility:

Must maintain a safe, effective and functional facility by directing the installation, maintenance, equipment repairs, and the utility systems for a refrigerated warehouse. In addition, maintain the refrigeration, building and MHE in full compliance to OSHA requirements and the safety, compliance and preventive maintenance programs.

Accountable for keeping the production output optimized and maintaining seamless functioning of all equipment and machinery in the production facility.


Essential Functions:

  1. Identifies current and future maintenance requirements by establishing rapport with management, engineering, and production personnel and technicians to understand maintenance requirements at the warehouse.
  2. Achieves financial objectives by preparing an annual maintenance budget; capital budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
  3. Ensures optimal production operations by determining work priorities and scheduling repair, maintenance, and installation of machines, tools, and equipment to minimize equipment downtime.
  4. Monitor performance of machinery and equipment; adjust and calibrate as needed, ensuring that equipment meets specifications and requirements, and maximizing uptime.
  5. Supports product development and improvement by reviewing new product plans; discussing equipment needs and modifications with design engineers; coordinating activities of technicians and workers fabricating or modifying machines, tools, or equipment.
  6. Designs, implements, and modifies preventive maintenance programs by reviewing production, quality control, and maintenance reports and statistics; inspecting operating machines, equipment, and systems for conformance with operational standards.
  7. Leads maintenance team and directs maintenance operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing programs and personnel policies and procedures. Demonstrates the leadership capabilities to lead in a multifunctional operation, streamlining facility priorities with that of the operation.
  8. Complies with all OSHA & EPA regulations and PSM & RMP requirements.
  9. Ensures compliance with mechanical, electrical and all other municipal and state codes.
  10. Resolves maintenance problems by conferring with management, engineering, and Corporate personnel.
  11. Work flexible hours, weekends, holidays and on-call when needed.
  12. Protects employees and visitors by maintaining a safe and clean working environment.
  13. Completes maintenance operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; follows up on work results, adjust schedules to accommodate work load and operational needs.
  14. Maintains maintenance staff by selecting, indoctrinating, and training employees.
  15. Very familiar with operating and troubleshooting refrigeration systems.


Qualifications/Additional Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree or an associates degree or diploma in mechanical engineering or any other related field of study with minimum 3 years’ experience of working as a Maintenance Manager.
  • Minimum 5 years maintenance experience with at least 3 years experience scheduling and supervising the work of others.  Prior experience in running a refrigerated warehouse system, material handling, repair, and building maintenance required.
  • Strong knowledge & skill level with refrigeration system is essential and a minimum of 3 years of actual work experience maintaining and operating those system. In addition, a strong working knowledge of the OSHA & EPA compliance programs for refrigeration is required
  • Strong MS Office skills
Standard Management (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)