Fleet Manager

Reference Number: 6S0nMi
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US

Job Description:
• Our company is interested in hiring a Fleet Manager who can work closely with our employee drivers to maximize expenditures and deliver the highest possible level of service to our customers. The successful candidate will streamline routes with drivers to keep costs down, but still deliver the level of service customers are expecting. Our Fleet Manager will also be responsible for meeting regularly with drivers, dispatchers and maintenance team members to discuss ways to meet or exceed corporate revenue goals.

Job Requirements:
• Offer guidance to drivers on the best ways to maximize their earnings, while delivering a high level of customer service 
• Ensure that all drivers understand and procure the licenses and permits they need to legally carry loads to customer destinations 
• Collaborate with human resources and marketing to add quality employee drivers and contracted drivers to the fleet 
• Work closely with the maintenance team to find ways to reduce downtime due to repairs or lack of routine maintenance 
• Ensure that all load paperwork associated with each run is accurate and submitted to the proper people 
• Associate Degree in Logistics required (Bachelor’s degree preferred) 
• 1+ years’ logistics or general transportation experience 
• 2+ years’ management or supervisory experience 
• Must be able to work weekends, evenings and holidays 
• Strong computer skills required 

Standard Management (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)