Site Project Manager

Reference Number: LG3232016IN
Location: Plymouth, IN US

Under the direction of the Project Manager, the SPM has the responsibility to support activities at the jobsite to ensure that the work executed safely, with the highest level of workmanship, in accordance with all Company and Customer requirements, within the required time frame, and within the cost and man hour budgets for the project. The SPM works closely with the PM and the Construction Manager to plan, organize, and coordinate the work in order to achieve these goals.
 Assist the Construction Manager with the upfront planning of the construction methods, means and sequencing of materials and equipment.
 Actively participate in the Construction Planning meeting.
 Assist the PM in the site layout of temporary utilities, office and tool trailers, material storage areas, temporary roads and access to the site.
 Organize and manage the material receiving and laydown areas.
 Manage local project services – fuel, trash, toilets, construction supplies, welding supplies, testing labs, crane and pumper truck services, etc.
 Assist the PM with the supervision of any subcontractors on-site
 Conduct site safety orientations for Bratney employees and subcontractor employees.
 Assist in identifying risks and hazards at the site and developing plans to eliminate or minimize them.
 Assist in the distribution of drawings and procedures to ensure timely communication of deliverables.
 Assist the PM with identifying, documenting and resolving changes to the work.
 Identify any delays at the site, document and notify the PM.
 Identify and assist in the resolution of any conflicts, incidents, problems or issues relating to the work.
 Provide on-going reports on the progress of the work to the PM and Construction Manager.
 Coordinate close-out activities such as start-up checklists, punch lists, de-mobilization of site facilities and services, transportation of Company tools and equipment.
 Provide as-built drawings and information to the PM.
 Active participation in Company provided KNOWLEDGE / ABILITIES / SKILLS
 A thorough knowledge of Company issued manuals, handbooks, and procedures:
o Project Execution Manual
o Safety Handbook
o Field and Office Employee Handbooks
 Clear understanding of Construction Safety rules, OSHA regulations, policies, procedures and safe work practices.
 Good working knowledge of general construction technology, equipment, means and methods.
 Good leadership skills; including effective communication, discipline in executing policy and procedures, fairness, good vision of the Company goals and a strong work ethic.
 Ability to plan and organize construction projects to achieve project goals.
 High School Diploma or GED
 Advanced safety training, OSHA 10 / 30
 Knowledge of construction means and methods.
 Three (3) to five (5) years of experience in Agricultural related construction